Maintenance-Free. What Does It Really Mean?

When we think of the aspect of “maintenance-free” many of us think, snow removal, leaf removal, and lawn care. Here at The Villas at Timber Run we try and go above and beyond those expectations with our Condominium Association. For instance, our landscaping service takes care of ALL exterior building maintenance (roof, driveway, streets, and sidewalk repairs). We will not only mow your beautiful green yard, but also blow the clippings off the driveways, edge along the drives and walks, mulch, take care of weed control, and lawn fertilization. The association also includes Homeowners Insurance! The Timber Run team even goes as far as, exterior window cleaning up to twice a year! But what else does maintenance-free really mean? Lounging by the pool? Watching the game on the big screen T.V in the Clubhouse? More free time to spend with family and friends?

The other day I got the chance to talk with one of our homeowners here at Timber Run, Marta. She really helped put it all into perspective for me. She said, “Living here at Timber Run has been amazing. Not having to worry about my home, or lawn care when I travel has been a blessing. I am still working, and the thought of coming home to mow the lawn or shovel the driveway after a long day just wasn’t in the cards for me. The whole vision of maintenance-free has given me so much more free time. I can now spend  more time with my family, and my granddaughter. I can make it to almost all of her track meets now! This has been a wonderful experience.” The maintenance-free lifestyle allows you to FINALLY do the things you have always wanted to do. To finally take that long vacation to Florida, or to be there for your grandson’s soccer game you promised him, or even to just lay by the pool and pull out the book you’ve been dying to read! Lastly, our homes are truly maintenance-free on the outside. However, our homeowners still get the pride of ownership, and benefits of owning real estate to go along with the extra leisure time.

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